What ages do you serve?

We work with students in kindergarten to college.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place at the student’s home or a mutually agreed upon location.

Which geographical areas do you serve?

We travel throughout the Los Angeles area and San Fernando Valley.

How often and for how long should my child be tutored?

The frequency and duration of the sessions depend on the individual needs and motivation of each child, but we typically recommend 2 one-hour sessions per week for our students.

Which assessments will my child be given?

The learning assessments we administer depend on the needs of each child and include informal assessments (observation, interviews, and work samples) and formal assessments (standardized tests).

Do you communicate with school personnel?

We are more than happy to communicate with teachers, administrators, and other allied professionals.

How do you monitor progress?

We consider a variety of metrics when determining whether students are making progress, including grades, teacher feedback, and informal and formal assessments.