We take great pride in offering intensive individualized interventions for children and adolescents with learning challenges, such as ADHD, specific learning disabilities, and auditory and visual processing disorders. Because these students do not possess the underlying skills to succeed in one or more academic areas, their outlook on new learning experiences is bleak. At Without Bounds, we not only help identify and remediate students’ specific skill deficits, but we also build their confidence and self-esteem so they view the learning experience more positively.

“I have been thrilled with my children’s tutor! He not only engages them and relates to them personally, but also educates and explains their studies to them in a way that is very comprehensible. I happily and gratefully recommend Without Bounds.” Nancy R.

Some of the Educational Therapy services we provide include: Diagnostic Educational Testing, Program Planning, Remediation, Collaboration with Allied Professionals, and Reassessment.